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Roof Insulation

Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home, 40% of heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your roof space or cavity is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills.

Our insulation product is effective for at least 70 years and it should pay for itself many times over.

Underfloor Insulation

Insulating under the floorboards on the ground floor will save you heaps a year. The insulation seals the gaps between floors and skirting boards to reduce draughts too.

Older homes are more likely to have suspended timber floors. We need about 400mm space to get in under your house to install underfloor insulation.

Most newer homes will have a ground floor made of solid concrete.

You don't need to insulate the floors of upstairs rooms in your house if they're above heated spaces, like the living room. However, you could be losing a lot of heat through any floors that are above unheated spaces such as garages.